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In these educational franchise videos you will find interviews and advice from top franchise experts such as founders and presidents of companies as well as successful franchise owners. Franchise Attorneys, CPA's and different suppliers to the franchise industry will give you insights to owing a franchise. Your host, Tom Scarda, a Certified Franchise Executive and Expert will also reveal some of the most important factors about franchising that most people never think about.

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The Franchise Disclosure Document

The Franchise Disclosure Document from the CPA's perspective: FDD explained by a CPA

What to look for in Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document: Item 7 of the FDD

The importance of Item 20 in the Franchise Disclosure Document: Item 20 of the FDD

Tips on Investing in a Franchise Business

What to expect when you're going down the road to buy a franchise: 7 Potholes on the Road to Franchise Freedom

The differences between an LLC, Sub-corp c and Subcorp S: Which business entity is best for you?

How to find out the reality of owning and operating a franchise: How to get the dirt