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Honor Yoga Franchise with Maria Turco

Honor Yoga provides a welcoming, beginner-friendly and accessible yoga experience that fosters and strengthens its community and environment. Our practice supports the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and community health and wellness of its members. It is an eco-friendly, Go Green conscious, yoga and meditation experience designed for the masses. Classes are designed to accommodate everyone…

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Attracting Millennials to Your Franchise

This is a transcript of the interview with Mary Simmons, Human Resources specialist. You can listen to the live broadcast of the show at: Tom Scarda:                  This is so cool. So, a big question is, how do you work with millennials, who are these people, do they come from Mars? I have two children…

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Sexual Harassment Policies for Small Businesses and Franchises

The following is an interview with Mary Simmons, Human Resource specialist. You can listen to the live interview at…icies-franchises/ Tom Scarda:                  Sexual harassment has been going on for years and years and years, unfortunately. Many companies have sexual harassment training. I know that when I worked for…

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Sexual Harassment Policies for Franchises

Director of HR Consultant for Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Inc., a Labor Relations and Human Resources consulting firm.

Sexual harassment at the workplace as always been an issue. Now, against the backdrop of the #metoo movement in America, all business owners including franchise companies and franchisee owners need to know how to handle situations when they arise. Mary Simmons, PHR, SHRM- CP, a Human Resources expert for almost three decades and Director of…

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Zoom Room Dog Training Franchise

This is an interview with Mark Van Wye, Founder and President of Zoom Room. Click here to listen to the live podcast recording: Tom Scarda:                  So, I just recently met Mark and he’s interesting. He started a concept called Zoom Room Dog Training. He believes deeply in positive reinforcement for both people and dogs. Mark…

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