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Our mission is to help people fully understand the franchise industry and all aspects of franchise ownership and not buy a franchise for the wrong reasons.

Tom Scarda, CFE

Tom is the author of three books: the #1 bestseller Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to Pick a Top Performing Franchise, The Road to Franchise Freedom and The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty. A self-made small business expert and Certified Franchise Expert (CFE), Tom has owned and operated both franchised and non-franchised businesses. Tom was the top revenue producer and franchisee of the year in one concept and failed miserably in second franchise concept. The lessons he learned from failure is what makes him such an expert. Named one of the top 50 business leaders on Long Island, Tom has helped over 1500 people figure out if franchising is for them since 2005. He’s been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers and is a sought-after radio and TV guest.

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Tom Scarda, CFE and Host of The Franchise Academy Podcast.

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With more than 4,000 franchises in 90 different industries, choosing a franchise is daunting. Many first time buyers, most likely like you, don't have the experience of investing in a business and make costly mistakes. If you did that it could end up being a huge financial setback for you and your family. Why not get professional advice?


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  • Tom wrote this book for people who are:
  • Tired of not being able to obtain the financial and lifestyle goals they desire
  • Frustrated and cringe at the thought of going to work in the morning
  • Looking for a solid franchise opportunity to build while keeping their job
  • Recently laid off and know job security is an illusion
  • Looking to diversify their investments or income stream Tom Scarda describes a franchise as a business with training wheels.

Perfect for someone who has never owned a business but wants to put their destiny in their own hands by simply following a blueprint that has the kinks worked out. g and reveal the secrets that pros use to pick a top-performing concept in addition to teaching the reader to spot red flags and avoid the mistakes first time buyers usually make.

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Read this guidebook to learn:

  • What is Franchising and why are people drawn to it?
  • If franchising is for you complete with a self test
  • The steps to choosing a franchise
  • Financial requirements and how to finance a business
  • Determining the Return on investment ROI in a business
  • Evaluating support in regard to training and marketing
  • How to read the franchise documents if you go down the road with an investigation
  • Question to ask existing franchisees in the concept you're evaluating


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"Tom has a great way of presenting a franchise opportunity so that you can make connections quickly to your situation. "

M. Miles,
Houston, TX

"I love the expertise that Tom brings to the table. His interviews are informative and helpful to those of us looking into franchising. I'm listening to the interview with the AdvantaClean CEO as I write this and I love the questions and answers between he and the CEO. I wish I had found this Podcast earlier."

C. Yielding,
Hoover, AL

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Get your questions answered. No obligation - no kidding!

Ask Tom about what made the difference between his success AND his failure in franchising. What are the 4 most common mistakes first time buyers make? Want to know how much you can really make in a franchise? - Book a time now!


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Tom Scarda, CFE

Tom Scarda is a motivational speaker, Certified Franchise Expert (CFE), and author of three books. He is married for 30 years to Giner (Gina in Brooklynese) and have two adult children, Andrea and Anthony and Diego, the fattest Shih Tzu dog in the world.

He is also a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine. Here is Tom's contributor biography page:

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Tom Scarda offers a free, 30-minute phone call to answer your questions about franchising. No obligation - no kidding! Why not talk to someone who's been there and done it himself. Learn from his mistakes.